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Our mission is to offer investors unrivaled savings at a selection of hand-picked luxurious Philippine Properties.

This is also an education site, where you can learn how to invest in real estate and or find luxury real estate properties in Philippines and also additional services or info like interior design related articles, finances, investing, etc.

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We showcase new properties as soon ad they are deployed.

  • By creating exclusive deals with real estate developers all over the country.

  • We get every detail and sketches and list them here for you.

  • We create properties virtual tours.

  • We have agents on the field.


Our specialists are at the heart of Manila & Cebu. They have all travelled extensively and documented it perfectly so you can enjoy your luxurious properties.

Michael Chabbi

President & Founder

Focusing on every detail of the site and making sure everything is perfect.

Kelsie Maden

Account Director

Investors accounts are in his hands. And they are really happy. 🙂

Greg Simkins

Marketing Director

His job is to promote, write articles, create flyers