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Cebu Seaside Resort Living Citta di Mare

Cebu Seaside Waterfront Living

A sunset stroll on the boardwalk . . . a leisurely lunch overlooking the water . . . dancing the night away at a beachfront concert . . . cocktails onboard a moonlight cruise. The charms of seaside living abound, evoking images of world-class waterfront attractions such as Sydneys Darling Harbour, Newport Beach California, Fishermans Wharf San Francisco, and the romantic French Riviera.

New Cebu Seaside Residential Condominiums For Sale for Living and or Investment Rental Income

Citta di Mare is a new master-planned residential community along the new Cebu City South Highway. Citta Di Mare, or what’s called “The City by the Sea” offers resort style living. Panoramic views of Mactan Island and the Cebu mountainside. This expansive new Cebu residential community development offers the best of waterfront and seaside resort living in the Visayas.

OFW’s and investors enjoy prime investment rental income returns in the condo units thru its key location and high quality Cebu location. A great place to call home and or receive investment rental income from also.

Citta Di Mare Cebu Condos Types & Sizes:

2-Bedroom 56 to 67 sqm, 3 Bedroom 108 to 113 sqm

Citta Di Mare Cebu Prices:

2-Bedroom P5M to P7.5M, 3 Bedroom P10M

Discount for Cash. Financing Available. Contact us for more information and current sales promos.

Spacious Luxurious Living

With over 65% of the property allocated for wide open areas and landscaped greens, you get the generous amenity of breathing space and a refreshing dose of nature everywhere you turn.

Residence are spread out over the sprawling development, maximizing the abundant sunlight and allowing the invigorating sea air to circulate freely within the entire neighborhood.

At Citta Di Mare, you get a sense of freedom and privacy that only a low-density community can provide.

Clusters of mid-rise condominiums provide stylish living spaces, while verdant environs and car-free zones make it a relaxing, pedestrian friendly community.

You can breath in the fresh air and peaceful ambience of Citta Di Mare every single day.

Entertainment and Culture Hub

There’s more to entice fun-loving folks at the 10.6 hectare IL Corso. Discover quaint treasures at the charming Chinese night market or explore the Shipwreck Adventure with the kids.

A historical voyage awaits you at the Cebu Heritage Walk. And all year round, lively fairs and street festivals spice up the local flavor.

Engage in a vigorous game of volleyball or simply soak up the sun as you lounge on the soft white sand of the terraced beach.

Check out the latest happenings at the exhibit tent or groove the beat of your favorite bands at the amphitheater.

Sailboats, dragon boat races and other water sports complete this vibrant seaside lifestyle.

A Resort Vacation That Never Ends

Living at Citta di Mare is like being on holiday all year round. Residing within its themed residential enclaves is like spending time at your favorite resort, enjoying the luxuriant setting and invigorating amenities. Each of each residential community has its own range of resort-inspired leisure facilities. Together the Oasis communities offer a myriad of amenities from cascading pools, to basketball courts, tennis and badminton courts, Zen and floral gardens and many more. At Citta di Mare, home is a luxury resort. The only difference is that you can stay for good.

Residential Seaside Resort

Bask in fresh air, radiant sunshine and charming landscapes. Such is the inspiration behind Amalfi Oasis, Citta di Mare’s first residential resort community. Experience vibrant touches of Amalfi, a stretch of coastline in Italy where picturesque architecture harmonizes with dramatic cliffs and enchanting coves. Now you can experience resort living everyday in your own oasis within Citta di Mare.

Style and Comfort Living Spaces

Amalfi Oasis features well-planned living spaces with a choice of 1BR, 2BR and 3 BR units to suit your lifestyle.

Modern Living in a Natural Setting

Amalfi Oasis lets you enjoy accessibility, security and tranquility in this exclusive 10-hectare paradise where clusters of five-storey building are interspersed with luxuriant gardens, courtyards and landscaped pockets. Let your feet roam in our spacious pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.

Recreation Rest and Relaxation

No need to leave home when resort living is a way of life. Amalfi Oasis has its own leisure facilities such as a clubhouse, gazebos, swimming pool, basketball court and play areas, along with gardens and pockets that make for relaxing nooks. A short walk to The Piazza or Il Corso leads to a whole new range of land-based and waterfront activities for the whole family to enjoy. Indeed, living by the sea adds a new dimension to leisure.

A Harbor of Dreams

Filinvest captures the idyllic lifestyle at Citta di Mare. Literally The “City by the Sea” resort living now becomes a way of life. Here you can fulfill your dreams of making the sea a constant, soothing presence in your life. Bounded by majestic vistas of Mactan’s coast and Cebu’s mountainous area, Citta di Mare is nestled at the heart of South Road Properties. Get ready to experience a lifestyle marked by freedom, pleasure, luxury and modernity. Spanning 50.6 hectares, Citta di Mare, a waterfront lifestyle strip that introduces a new dimension of seaside pleasures, and a 40-hectare residential town composed of themed resort communities anchored by The Piazza.

More Than A Meeting Place

At The Piazza, families and friends can spend quality time right in the neighborhood. Good food and fun flow freely at the cafes, bars and restaurants that cater to varied taste and lifestyles. For daily essentials and more, an array of shops provides every need.

The Citta Di Mare Neighborhood

Nestled in the middle of the residential enclaves is the Piazza, the central activity are for residents of Citta di Mare. Patterned after Italy’s Piazza Duomo, The Piazza is the life o the town. Mornings always find The Piazza ringing with cheerful voices of kids going to school. On Sundays, it hums with life as people gather to hear mass at the basilica. All week long, the Piazza is a lively, interesting place where you will surely run into familiar faces.

The Spirit of Living by the Sea

Life is one endless vacation when you have the best of the world right at home. Citta di Mare has four luxurious residential enclaves inspired by world-class resort destinations. Citta di Mare’s seaside residential themed communities are refreshing havens, with each 10 hectare development flaunting a distinct architectural character reminiscent of top Asian and European resort destinations, plus resort-style amenities for residents to enjoy. The Oasis residential communities bring this desirable lifestyle within the budget of the Filipino family. Your dream of international resort living is now within reach.

The Charms of a Pedestrians Paradise

Bask in tranquility in this peaceful setting created as an auto-free zone. Urban planners carefully designed Citta di Mare residential town with the safety of your children in mind. Access to buildings and parking areas are limited to the perimeter of the residential blocks. Within the residential communities, buildings are linked by inviting 20-meter-wide landscaped walkways and bike lanes. Within this truly walkable community, lush streetscapes and pocket parks are a refreshing balm for tired bodies and spirits. Feel the gentle breeze in your hair and listen to the sound of birdsongs as landscaped pathways and bike lanes lead you where you want to go. At Citta di Mare, residents are encouraged to rediscover the joys of nature.

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